■Tokyo Haneda Airport  (website)   *add 18th July
Transportation(Airport – Hotel – Airport) is available at €70/person 
In addition, Tokyo Haneda Airport is available as a place for a transportation to and from the hotel.
The transportation fee is €70, same as Niigata Airport.
Please apply for the competition immediately so that we reserve the hotel rooms

■Neighboring AirportsNiigata Int’l Airport(website)
 Transportation(Airport – Hotel – Airport) is available at €70/person 
Access to Niigata International Airport 
 「Domestic flight」
*New Chitose International Airport 5 flights / 1 day
* Narita International airport    Flight / 1 day
*Chubu nagoya International airport 2 flights / 1 day
*Fukuoka International  airport 5 companies 3 flights / 1 day
*Kansai International airport   Flight / 1 day
*Okinawa International  airport 2 flights / 1 day
 「International direct flight」
*Incheon 1 flight Thursday
*Shanghai 1 flight Wednesday Saturday
*Harbin 2 flight a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
*Taipei 2 flightMonday.Friday
All participating countries should refer to arrive at Niigata International Airport. add 7/18

■ Meeting place:
Nagano Station (TRAIN).    
■ Free transportation is available from Nagano Station to the hotel


From Tokyo Haneda International Airport to Nagano, bus transfer is 4 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours.
From Niigata International Airport, it is 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours. 


The package cost of €680 is charged PER INDIVIDUAL. Package includes followings.
■ Meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner(Starting with dinner on the 15th October and ending with breakfast on the 21th October)
■ Accommodations(Twin or triple room. Extra fee for single room-€32 per night) ■ Transportations:
(1) Nagano station → HOTEL → Nagano station
Please note, transportation between Airport and Hotel is NOT included into this package. 


17th Asian Fin Bluten


for the2019Asian Junior Fin Swimming Competition

Special Rules

Information Notice  

 about Immersion in  Asian Junior Competition. 

informaion notice.pdf

Invitation letter

■Invitation letter


If you need Visa, Please send below info to Japan Federation

Copy of your passport and the individual occupation of the participant,flight details and arrival / departure information as needed.

E-mail: Japan Federation

2019 partners list for Finswimming

2019_list_partners for Finswimming.pdf


Below all deadline :

Enclosure 1 Preliminary form        

30th June 2019

ž   Enclosure 2 ---Entry List:                             

30th July 2019

ž   Enclosure 3 ---Hotel Booking Form         

15th August 2019

ž   Enclosure 4 ---Rooming List                     

30th August 2019

ž   Enclosure 5 ---Travel Information             

30th August 2019

 Enclosure 6 ---Entry Form                        

15th September 2019

About  immersion Notice

BOTTLE FILLING Regarding immersion bottles
you must use the bottles that passed a specific test that is required by law in Japan. You cannot use your own bottles. So, the Japan Federation will prepare the bottles you can use.
Everyone must will use these bottles at the championship.
For information, there are 1 liter bottles(100m) and 2.5 liter bottles(400m). The valve part is K style(SCUBA DIVING) to connect to regulators. The maximum charging pressure is 200 bars

Bottle detail

The valve part     


1 liter bottles(100m)

76.3mm  diametr of bottle

345 mm  hight of bottle

2.5 liter bottles(400m)

100mm  diametr of bottle

520 mm  hight of bottle

4,4kg Wight of bottle

Rental of Bottle


waiting new info


waiting new info


waiting new info

* the Japan Federation  prepare only the bottles.
so you must  prepare other  equipment (Regulator and tube and so no..)